Favorite Vacations of 2018

I have been blessed to go on many vacations this year, but I wanted to share my top three favorites, and what I loved doing in each city.

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

As you will learn, I am a family person. I love traveling by myself, but I love visiting family just as much. For this trip I was visiting my cousins.

Meet Trevor (left) and Michael (right)

I visited after Thanksgiving so the focus was on Christmas activities. My favorite was Meadow Lights, a field of light displays stretching 30 acres. Some lights are visible from the street, or you can get a $2 train ticket a ride through the field to see all the different scenes. They also have a big candy shop!

Another place I would recommend checking out in the Raleigh area is DeWayne’s, a retailer selling a wide assortment of home & garden items, gifts & apparel, and Christmas items (seasonal). This place amazed me at how big it was, and how cute it was decorated for the holidays!

2. Canyon Lake, Texas

Again, I visited this place because of family, but that doesn’t mean you should brush off this small town. This lake town offers the usual tubing and boat rental, but is absolutely gorgeous!

Outside of the lake, Austin and San Antonio are both about an hour away. The Alamo is a must see tourist attraction for history buffs.

My friend and I at the Alamo a few years ago.

Luckenbach is a small, touristy city in the area that you have to check out. Some of you may know the song by Waylon Jennings about Luckenbach Texas, and yes it is a real place that has a population of 3 and offers live country music.

Took the fam there a few years ago.

Gruene is another small, touristy city near Canyon Lake. It is a bit larger with several boutiques, restaurants, and a music hall that offers free live concerts most nights. If you like country music, this is a good place to relax, drink a beer, and listen to some cheap entertainment.

Meeting Bo Porter at Gruene Hall.

You should really check out this part of Texas because it is a super fun place to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

1. Manhattan, NYC, New York

I know what you’re probably thinking by now, this is just another vacation she took to see family, but actually no. This was my first ever completely solo vacation. I had always wanted to see New York City so I booked a cheap flight and a few weeks later I was wandering around Manhattan by myself.

Now this may sound like a crazy idea to some people, but I absolutely loved this vacation. I have another blog coming soon about my first time in NYC so I won’t bore you with repetitive information, I’ll just insert a few pictures of what made me fall madly in love with the city.

Broadway was by far my favorite!

New York City is a magical city. I love all the hustle and bustle, millions of lives moving in all different directions. I love being amongst the madness and can’t wait to go back!

2018 was awesome, here’s to an even better 2019!

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