I tried every coffee shop in Cincinnati, here are the places worth mentioning

Awakening Coffee and Tea Co

I tried the white mocha caffe, it wasn’t my favorite but still pretty good. I went to the location in Hyde Park which was in a strip with other restaurants and stores. Parking was convenient with paid parking right in front of the store. The inside was spacious with a good amount of seating and no overcrowding, just a few people having Monday meetings. They also offer wine and free wifi.

BLOC Coffee Company

This coffee shop is set in an unusual locations with nothing but houses surrounding it. I wasn’t mad, there was free street parking and it was nice to get away from the hectic downtown and enjoy coffee in a more relaxed area. This place was busy but had plenty of seating to handle it. I tried the peach blossom tea – very good!

Coffee Emporium

This was possibly my favorite coffee shop, and it appeared to be many other peoples as well. When I first walked in, I was shocked, it felt more like a restaurant than a coffee shop. There was a ton of room and people everywhere. It resembled Starbucks more than any other small town coffee shop – you had to wait in line to order and they offered a wide variety of drinks and pastries. I opted for an iced white mocha latte and they did not disappoint. No exaggeration, it was quite possibly the best iced coffee I’ve ever had.

Highland Coffee House

If you’re not a morning person or are looking for a non traditional coffee shop, this place is for you. This hip hangout has the most amazing rustic, bohemian atmosphere and offers coffee and cocktails every night until 2:30am! If you’re cramming for finals, this is the place to be. They even have live music sometimes. The only downfall is that it doesn’t open until 5pm.

Hyde Perk

This simple little coffee was set behind some restaurants in a strip in Hyde Park. They had a drive-thru, good parking, and enough seating for the small crowd they had (they even have outdoor seating in the summer). Even though it is on the smaller side, it was still very quiet and a good place to study. I tried a caramel latte.


In the heart of downtown, I visited this coffee shop on a calm Saturday morning, and although it was quiet then, I’m sure they get busy during the week. I tried a hazelnut latte which was very unusual and good. They offered a very wide variety of flavors which I appreciate, sometimes you get tired of the traditional flavors. The only downfall was that the closest parking was lots that charged a $5 flat rate.

Lookout Joe

Hidden in a corner of a weird intersection, this coffee shop was a bit hard to find, but definitely worth seeking out. They offered traditional coffee you could pour yourself, specialty drinks, and a very wide variety of coffee beans. I tried an iced white mocha latte and spent quite a lot of time doing work on their big comfy couch. This popular hangout had people coming in and out but never seemed overcrowded.


This coffee shop has my heart with their non-traditional house drinks. Located on the corner of a semi-busy intersection, I expected this to be an average coffee shop, but what I got was so much more. I asked what they recommended and was pointed to the white rabbit, which on their menu is described as macadamia nut and white cocoa. It was so good I brought my friend back a few days later and made her try it. They also offer other unusual drinks such as turtle mocha and funky monkey. If you’re looking to dine in, they have a good amount of seating, it’s just a tight squeeze.

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